Packing moving and storing your things is never easy. By the time you arrive at the storage facility you are likely to be tired, hungry and looking forward to having your move finished. Avoid the temptation to just drop your stuff slam the door and run. What you do next might make a big difference to the condition of your belongings when you retrieve them.

Here are the big three tips to make a difference.

  • Avoid damage to your belongings
  • Maximise Space
  • Allow easy access to your stuff


If you have chosen a good quality self-storage facility you won’t have to worry about damage to your belongings from dirt, water and moisture or insect and vermin infestation. Here’s what you can do to make sure you don’t create your own damage.

  • Use bubble wrap for breakables and blankets or bubble wrap for larger items.
  • Fill boxes completely to make sure they don’t collapse. Pack around individual items within the boxes with newspaper, tissue paper or the like.
  • Make sure you put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and clearly label fragile items as such.
  • Try to place your fragile boxes to minimise risk to them.



Don’t pay for space that you don’t need.

  • Disassemble large items like beds, tables, dressers etc. Be sure to securely store screws and fittings in a zip lock bag which is clearly labelled and securely taped to the item.
  • Compress and bag bulky items like clothes, doonas and other bedding.
  • Fill any shelves you are storing with smaller items. It may even pay to purchase some basic shelving from Bunnings or the like.
  • Group together brooms, gardening tools etc. and stand them upright in a bucket, bin or bot.
  • Make sure you fill all the gaps, after all you are paying for the space.



  • Make a list of the things you are storing and draw a rough sketch of where they are placed within your storage unit. It makes them easy to retrieve.
  • Clearly label boxes to identify the contents.
  • Put a mat under larger items so they can be slid around within the unit if necessary.
  • Place items you might need to access towards the front of the unit and consider leaving an aisle.