Over the years at Storageland we have learned a thing or two about storing appliances and we wanted to share some tips with you.



If you are storing a fridge it needs to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly.  Defrost the freezer, turn the ice maker off and make sure any water is emptied from hoses and tanks.  Clean the drawers and shelving and remove them.  The shelves and drawers should be stored and moved in a separate and labelled box of their own.  All water should be dried before closing and taping the refrigerator doors shut. Taping the doors makes moving easier.


Washing Machines

Prior to storing a washing machine can be cleaned by running a normal hot water wash cycle with some bleach added to the water.  Let the washer sit with the door open to dry out completely.  Be sure the water supply is off, empty and dry the supply and drain hoses.  The tub of the washing machine can also be immobilized for easier moving with towels, rags, etc.



A dishwasher can also be cleaned by running a normal wash cycle with baking soda in both detergent spaces.  After the water is done filling the machine, add some bleach to the water and let the cycle run through.  After letting it sit with the door open to dry, make sure the appliance is free of any food particles by cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces thoroughly.  Disconnect the water supply and allow all hoses to dry out.


Clothes Dryers

When storing a clothes dryer make sure the inside is wiped down and the lint filter is cleaned thoroughly.  If you put towels, rags or other crush-able material around the dryer drum, this will prevent the drum from spinning and the appliance to stay balanced while the dryer is being moved.


General Hints

With all appliances the plugs, coiling, wiring, hoses, etc., should all be wrapped up and taped securely to the inside or outside of the appliances, keeping them out from under foot as they’re moved.  Many of the appliances will have dust on them, so a good vacuuming would be advised before washing.

If they are not in the box they came in, make sure any drawers or doors are taped securely to avoid any mishaps while they’re being transported.  Your appliances should be wrapped in blankets and taped as well for extra protection.  If at all possible, have the equipment set up in a way that it isn’t a welcoming home to any critters.

Make sure to keep the owner manuals and instructions for large appliances in a clearly labelled box to be found when the need for them arrives.