As part of our commitment to the environment we have just installed sufficient solar power generation capacity to meet all the daytime consumption requirements at our storage facility in Yatala, Queensland.

Storageland operates in two 3-storey buildings connected by a roof at high level creating covered access to both buildings.

The total of 3000 m2 of shallow-gradient roof space was just too inviting to ignore, so the shareholders took the decision to invest in renewable energy in the form of a solar power system.

Our current daytime power requirements can be met immediately by installing a total of 120 panels in the 20KW and 10KW systems  installed. To allow for future increased power provision, the two inverters were sized to give up to a 50%  increase in generation capacity by merely adding more panels to the  installation.

We do not expect to ever require more than the 30Kw and 20KW maximum that our system will produce, with the bonus being that any surplus we do generate, will be fed back into the grid.

We expect the investment to help us keep our power bills low and this helps us maintain our commitment to offering extremely competitive storage pricing but with or without the financial reward for generating surplus for the grid, we think it is the right way to go for the environment.

We hope that our competitors will also go green – with envy!!!