Since Storage Wars started airing on Foxtel barely a week goes by without us receiving calls to see when our next auction of unpaid units is.

Unfortunately for all those would be bounty hunters out there Australian laws are much more protective of the rights of unit holders and effectively preclude the ability to hold storage auctions of the type seen in the TV program. While auctions are occasionally held they tend to be conducted online and it is a legal requirement that all items in the unit being sold are catalogued, photographed, described and sold in lots. Therefore sadly it is unlikely you are going to bid $99 and get a Van Gough, or find a Ferrari hidden behind a wall of boxes.

At Storageland it is a rare event to have an auction. If a customer is having financial difficulty we prefer to work with them to find a solution which allows them to get back on track or to exit their unit and get back on track. Thankfully this means most years go by without us having to have any sort of auction.

So alas a find like the one featured in the attached YouTube clip is not likely to happen!