Great To Find Stories Like These…

Storage was booked today.  My friend Kym Fedrick sent me an email with a voucher for cheap storage at Storageland, Yatala.  When I called them and said I needed 14 months storage it got cheaper again!!!  So between the voucher and the long term discount I got 4 months storage free – freakin’ awesome!!!  And the nice man chucked in some insurance cover too!!

We planned to get pods delivered to our house for packing originally – now we will have to take our junk to the storage place.  But Storageland will lend us a trailer for free and we are saving over $900 so it well worth the extra effort!!  I know I will regret this decision but I can always cave the week before and call a removalist!!!  I’m trying hard to be a frugal saver and keep all our money for travel – we will see in November whether my laziness or stinginess wins out!