Storageland were very sad to learn at of the recent fire at the Storage King facility in Loganholme. Thankfully nobody was hurt but it was reported that 163 units within the facility were impacted and it will no doubt have significant consequences for those people who stored there. Fortunately fires at storage facilities are extremely rare but the fact that this one occurred at a large and reputable facility like this caused Storageland to review fire related considerations.

Storageland is a relatively new purpose built facility, as such it has a great deal of fire protection built in. Our building is constructed of reinforced concrete and has a fire rated Hebel floor separating the ground floor from the upper levels. In addition our building is compartmentalised with automatic fire doors between sections. At the design stage fire protection measures were built into the design and our facility is fully compliant with the latest standards. Our fire fighting equipment is also subject to regular external audit. In addition we support these things with a high level of housekeeping to ensure that our passageways and exits are clean, clear and well light and that there is minimal flammable material in rubbish collection areas or elsewhere on site.

What are the lessons for a Storageland customer?

  1. Please respect the terms of our storage agreement by ensuring that you do not store combustible or hazardous materials in your unit.
  2. Storageland is a non smoking site. Please respect this.
  3. Ensure you are familiar with the pathways to your nearest exit and do not use the lifts in any emergency.
  4. Do not leave litter piled in the building if you attend after hours.
  5. Consider our insurance. It is priced to encourage you to take it and should the worst ever happen it will soften the blow